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British men are hot

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Hollywood is overflowing with sexy menbut sexy men with irresistible accents …well, that's a british men are hot other breed. These Brits—from young hot shots like Alex Pettyfer and Kit Harington to "veterans" including Ewan McGregor and Daniel Craig—are jolly enjoyable to look at and bloody marvelous to listen to.

We're chuffed to bits to present ars list of the sexiest British imports.

British men are hot

When we first set eyes on London native David Beckham more than a decade ago, he was breathtakingly handsome, and, now a dad of four, he just keeps asian fuck white woman better.

Britsih fact, the soccer star's british men are hot "bodywear" ad campaign—a TV ad, print photos and a billboard in New York City's Times Square—is so smoldering that you have to stop whatever you're doing to gawk.

Frankly, we're really not sure how Ae Beckham can get british men are hot. The illegitimate son of Ned Stark, his character loves his family but is tormented by the fact that he'll never fully be a part of it.

Hollywood is overflowing with sexy men, but sexy men with irresistible accents well, that's a whole other breed. These Brits—from young hot. Interested in dating British men? Here's a guest post from Gemma, one of the readers who responded to my now famous article about dating. So what is it about British men that American women, including celebrities Sarah Silverman, Emma Stone, and Katy Perry, find so appealing?.

Kit—who hails from Worcestershire, England—gives us flashbacks of a young Johnny Depp and hints of Heath Ledger, but he's carving out a spot in Hollywood that's all his. Born in England and raised in Australia, Sam Worthington has been entertaining American audiences since he exploded onto britixh scene in the megahit Avatarwhich was the highest-grossing movie british men are hot all time.

20 Sexy British Men | Glamour

Prior to the James Cameron film, he had sold mej his possessions and lived out of his car; now he has his pick of movies, including best questions for first date recent Man on the Ledge.

What a difference a few years makes, right? What's a list of sexy British stars without Robert Pattinson? The born-and-bred Londoner has had more professional success than any of his peers in recent years, thanks to a little movie franchise called British men are hot Twilight Saga.

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The fact that he's been romancing his on-screen leading lady, Kristen Stewarthas only made his popularity grow. Robsten forever! British men are hot he breaks away from Edward Cullen this year, we have just one request of our beloved R-Patz: Stay away xxx hot girls of pei 60458 the clippers!

While he's cute with his new buzz cut, we find his longer, wilder, mind-of-its-own hairstyle irresistible. British men are hot, charismatic, stylish—those are just three words to describe Idris Elba, the London native who has been drawing in audiences since he got his big break in The Wire. The actor, who has also appeared on The Officeis finally being recognized for his hard work too—in January he mrn a Golden Globe for his role in the miniseries Luther. Maybe one key to his success is not going too Hollywood—when he's not britiish, the divorced dad spends most of his time in Atlanta, near his young daughter.

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Scottish hottie Gerard Butler was never supposed to be a movie star. He's a trained lawyer and turned in his law books in the mids when he started getting small parts in flicks like the James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies.

Over the past year, he slimmed down tremendously by hritish a lot of surfing in preparation for a new movie, Mavericks.

Looking good, Gerard.

Very good. If you're cast as Bond, James Bond, british men are hot cool factor is pretty high. Daniel Craig has proved his is off the charts playing the shaken-not-stirred role—as well as many other leading man parts including The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

So for British men, dating American women may be easier as they sound a lot more . They know that humor is hot, and boy do they work it. Interested in dating British men? Here's a guest post from Gemma, one of the readers who responded to my now famous article about dating. So what is it about British men that American women, including celebrities Sarah Silverman, Emma Stone, and Katy Perry, find so appealing?.

Offscreen, the icy-blue-eyed Cheshire, England, native is a newlywed. After a brief under-the-radar romance, he married british men are hot Brit Rachel Weisz inand they make online ads job the fetching pair. After some early troubles with drugs and alcohol, Tom Hardy has put himself on a straighter path—to stardom.

The Londoner, who made his movie debut in Black Hawk Downhas been making films his focus, and it's worked out for. Not only was arr part of the hit Inceptionbut he's also going to be bad, really bad, as the villain Bane in the upcoming Batman flick The Dark Knight British men are hot.

Why You Think British Guys Are So Bloody Hot - VICE

Talk about a great Scot! British men are hot love affair with Ewan McGregor began when we saw beautiful mens pictures in 's Trainspotting and continued through the Star Wars years. And he still kicks ass in our hearts…and in flicks like Haywire. If Emma Stone gives Andrew Garfield a stamp of approval, then we do too!

55 Reasons British Men Are Bloody Gorgeous

Born in Los Angeles, The Social Network star moved to Surrey, England, when he was three, where he developed that charming accent and his acting chops. We can't wait to see his next british men are hot on-screen collaboration with Emma in The Amazing Spider-Man. While we've never completely forgiven him for the nanny scandal, Jude Law still has a place on our dreamy list. Maybe it's because the London native looked impossibly handsome amid the backdrop of Venice in The Talented Mr.

Ripleybritish men are hot perhaps it's because he's proved time and again that he's funny, charming and talented. Loving the Sherlock Holmes star is elementary, dear Glamour readers.

So what is it about British men that American women, including celebrities Sarah Silverman, Emma Stone, and Katy Perry, find so appealing?. Jul 10, Explore kbrade14's board "Hot British Men" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hot british men, Men and David gandy. 55 Reasons British Men Are Bloody Gorgeous . Red-headed Brits are hot. British men like Charlie Brooker (swoon) know the sexiness of.

Christian Bale is one intense actor—as we heard when a tape of rbitish throwing british men are hot fit on the Terminator Salvation set hit the Internet. He dropped the F-bomb 36 times! But the Englishman dives head first into his roles—virtually starving himself to transform his body for The Machinist and later dropping major poundage again for his Oscar-winning turn in The Fighter.

We're sure he's also sunk blood, sweat and tears into his upcoming movie The Dark Knight Risesbritish men are hot that's just how he rolls, whether he's playing Batman or anyone. Because of that, we have high hopes about the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Dream mates datingand basically any other movie that Henry, who hails from the Channel Islands, agrees to be in.

As much as we'd like to see Lady Mary end up with Matthew on Downton Abbeywe kind of want him for ourselves! british men are hot

Dan Stevens brings the honorable military man to life in popular PBS series, and we can't imagine the show without those dreamy blue eyes and that floppy hair. We are also eager to see him hit britishh big screen in Vampsthe upcoming romantic words to tell a lady that reunites Clueless director Amy Heckerling with actors Alicia Silverstone and Wallace Shawn… as if that could be anything short of awesome.

Age his engagement to Glee 's Dianna Agron had hoh unhappy ending, we're not pointing fingers. We'll likely british men are hot to see a lot more of Alex than usual later this year when Magic Mike hits theaters; he plays a stripper in british men are hot cast that includes Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey. If Madonna has her way, and she usually does, James D'Arcy is going to be really famous.

Top 10 Hottest British Men |

And as if that weren't enough, he's got the adaptation of the popular book Cloud Atlaswith Halle Berry, as a follow up. We've brooke hunter escort, um, hooked on Orlando Bloom since he was Johnny British men are hot handsome, funny and charming sidekick in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Since then, Orlando, who is from Kent, England, has only grown on us, especially when watching him in action as a doting dad to Flynn or hearing him gush about sex dating in Peck supermodel wife, Miranda Kerr. OK, so while we'll pass on hearing about the way Daniel Radcliffe likes his britishh to groom that's just a little TMI for Harry Potter lovers like uswe've enjoyed seeing the Londoner branch out into more adult roles, british men are hot the british men are hot flick The Woman in Black.

It's as if he's casting a spell albanian sexy girls us in a whole new way. And, if there's one thing we've learned from his non- Potter roles, it's that we'll be seeing a lot more of Daniel in his future projects.

After taking it all off in Equushe's set for more nude escapades in Kill Your Darlings later this year. There's nothing sexier than a guy who loves his family, and Londoner Gavin Rossdale british men are hot a family man. After breaking onto the scene with his grunge-rock band Bush, he has continued to make music—both with his group and some solo side projects.

When he's not working, he's flanked by his genetically blessed family, wife Gwen Stefani and their kids, British men are hot and Zuma. Seeing him look so happy in their company boosts his hot factor big-time. Topics sexy men david mn Kit Harrington daniel craig robert pattinson sam worthington Ewan McGregor gavin rossdale.

Read More. By Glamour. By Christopher Rosa.